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How to Create a Secure Folder on Your Phone

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How to Create a Secure Folder on Your Phone

Smartphone users face new online security threats daily. The threats grow in complexity with each passing day. Every day, the threat posed by cyber security grows increasingly complex. Mobile device-based attacks grew significantly in 2023. The leading type of attack was malware followed by phishing attempts. It is critical to work on improving the security of your phone.

The security methods you choose differ and one of them is secure folders. It is common to experience data compromise on your smartphone. A secure folder on your phone ensures you don’t lose your data. It is a highly preferred method for deterring online criminals. The process for creating safe folders on mobile devices is easy to learn.

Does the iPhone have a secure folder for users?

Most iPhones do not come with an inbuilt locked file. It needs to be made, along with a passcode, under the Notes section. Your critical data is stored in a password-protected iPhone folder lock. It prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing your data by keeping it locked.

The greatest option for protecting your contacts, pictures, and numerous other files is the iPhone folder lock. Alternatively, you can unlock a locked folder on your iPhone with a PIN or biometric function. It cannot be accessed after you create it unless you use the passcode you made. The steps are simple to understand and execute.

Folders on an iPhone can be classified as secure or unsecured. When the folder is not secure, it makes it easier to get access to your data. When you create a new folder on an iPhone, you should focus on improving its security.  The whole process of how to make folder on iPhone is not complicated. Use the process for creating iOS folders. Alternatively, you can download a third-party app and use it. You need to visit the Apple Store to choose your preferred application. Configure the app once you install it before you begin to use it.

To activate the folder lock, generate a secret code. Setting up a folder lock on your iPhone ought to be the initial thing you do. It is simple to set the code and create the folder.

  • At the right side corner of your screen, tap the Apple Menu to open it.
  • Once it opens, scroll down and tap on the Settings button. You may also directly open it by tapping on the gear icon on your screen.
  • Scroll further down and tap on Notes. Once it opens, touch the activation button next to Folder Lock.
  • Under the field that opens, enter your preferred password. You will receive a prompt to enter the code once more. This action will complete the process.

Making a locked folder on the gadget is the next phase.

  • Access the Notes icon from the Settings menu.
  • Scroll to the upper right corner of the field that opens, then hit the plus sign.
  • Scroll down to the New Folder button and press it to open the options.
  • Provide the folder a name. Specify the folder destination by tapping the Move button.
  • Touch the Lock button to finish the operation. Your folder will be safely locked. Each time you select to open the folder, you will be asked to enter the passcode.

How to create a secure folder on an Android phone

  • Access the Android phone’s touchscreen lock.
  • Search for the gear-shaped icon on the display and open it.
  • Find the Biometrics and Security button by scrolling down and opening it. It is under the Settings menu.
  • Select the Secure Folder symbol by swiping down in the newly created field.
  • An authentication prompt will appear. To proceed to the subsequent stages, enter your sign-in credentials. Click the Sign-Up button to establish a user profile if you haven’t already. To proceed to the next step, touch the Continue button once you’re done.
  • A welcome message to Secure Folder will appear on your screen.
  • Set the folder’s privileges to allow or prohibit specific actions. They could provide or deny access to the calendar, contacts, and other areas.
  • After granting access rights, use the Proceed button.
  • It will open on a new page. You will need to input your lock type on this page. You can use biometrics, a PIN, a password, or draw a pattern.
  • Press the button labeled “Continue.” You’ll be asked to confirm by entering the lock type again. The steps will then be finished. You’ve managed to create a safe folder on your Android device.


Ensuring the security of your files on your smartphone is crucial. It improves the safety of your information by preventing unwanted access. Based on the mobile device you’re using, there are multiple ways to create a folder. Alternatively, you can utilize an application from a third party that is compatible with your particular phone. Select a secure password as soon as the folder is created. It increases the difficulty of unauthorized individuals accessing the folder and your private information.