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How Much Do You Spend on Party Dresses a Year?

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How Much Do You Spend on Party Dresses a Year?

We know when celebrating any occasion be it a promotion at work. A friend’s birthday, or even a marriage anniversary people throw the most lavish parties with different themes in the most exclusive locations. It could be a rooftop bar with disco lights or maybe a wedding in which you would want to look the best dressed in clothes that show off your style. To attend these various events with their unique specifications you must spend a lot of money searching across countless online marketplaces and even shops in the city. Sometimes you may find what you need quite easily and sometimes you may go all out and spend a huge amount of money for a dress that you just needed in your wardrobe.

This blog dives deep into some party dresses that are stunning and unique, they put out a statement when they’re worn but don’t bankrupt you in the process.

Trending Party Wear

If you want to look your best and dance with your hair down at the hottest parties in town, you need to know the perfect attire for the event for cocktail parties, or weddings with a given attire. Let us dive into the realm of silk, satin, sequins, and leather to find out the hidden costs that exist in making and purchasing these dresses all the while keeping a balance between fashion and budget.

  1. Keeping Up With The Trends

From off-the-shoulder numbers to asymmetrical hems, the constant influx of trendy designs can lead us to accumulate a collection of party dresses, each representing a fleeting moment in fashion history.

Dresses can have an off-shoulder design or hems that flare out asymmetrically, these come in color combinations never seen before. As designers look to find out what styles stick and what flop. If you do partake in the latest dresses you are making a bold statement letting the world know you aren’t afraid to try new designs. These can sometimes be expensive so take care when purchasing them.

  1. Cost of Perfection

When looking for the “perfect” party dress there often comes a heavy price tag as all the high-end designer brands use luxurious fabrics and stitch detailed designs onto the clothes taking a huge amount of manpower to create even a single piece. Even though as a customer you would like nothing but the purest and longest lasting goodies. Excellency comes at the price of a lot of money.

  1. Outfits For the Occasion

While it is not entirely uncommon to want to buy a new outfit for each occasion be it a special birthday or even an important wedding, the desire to stand out from the general public and be unique is a feeling most people have. To be eye-catching is what mainly makes you want frequent wardrobe changes.

  1. Impact Of the Fashion Industry

In the modern day and age, there has been a rapid rise of fast-paced fashion and this has revolutionized the clothing industry by making previously hard-to-get dresses due to the sheer amount of diversity, cultural, and financial boundaries more accessible and affordable to the common public. Even though this may seem budget-friendly the environmental and ethical disparities are evident everywhere, so it is essential for you the public to hold the brands accountable for their worker’s living conditions. Practice stunning yet ethical fashion.

  1. The Question of Versatility

The build quality of a dress is often tested, and many times fancy and expensive clothing breaks down on stage. Find a dress that can withstand multiple events and develop an approach of ‘Cost per  Wear’ instead of a ‘1- Time Transaction’. Even though it might be a more expensive option compared to the rest you will be efficiently spending your money. 

  1. Develop Conscious Shopping Practices

As an adult or someone with responsibility, set shopping budgets and don’t break them, for expensive garments or accessories that you know will be rarely worn prefer rentals or second-hand versions of those items. This is a more sustainable approach to fashion, another good idea is creating a ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ where you collect unique dresses over time that would be stunning in any era and can be easily layered with modern accessories to lift the outfit.

  1. Resale or Swap Events

Sometimes, you can get your hands on stunning pieces for a fraction of their real worth due to owners being misinformed. At the same time, you could gain a boatload of money if you had that rare dress that a fashion celebrity needed to get their hands on.


From bodycon with low cuts to backless dresses made with a flowing fabric or sequin dresses with thigh-high slits. You can buy your dream party dresses at ‘HELLO MOLLY’, to make sure you look your best and don’t settle for anything less, they give classic back dresses and accessories that match the vibrant colors. 

From wedding parties to birthday parties they have a dress for you. You can also find that with the latest trends, new dresses are available and can be at your doorstep in no time. If you are ready to rock and roll then go ahead and choose. A stunning dress for your next party right now.